About Us

As diverse as consumer behavior can be, as diverse is our team. We are team of psychologists, ICT experts, experts in bioinformatics as well as evolution psychology, data management, market research, design and statistics. Most of us have been working with universities across the globe and been involved in international award-winning market research and scientific projects.

Sounds a bit nerdy? Well, we think so too – but it is exactly that passion that keeps us driving to break new grounds in consumer behavior. Thanks to our diverse passions we’ve developed new modules which detect with a 99% correctness the subconscious states of humans, as well as their drivers of their behavior (especially consumer behavior). The result IMPALA platform that can also enable you to break new grounds within our business.

Meet our team here and learn about how they drive IMPALA:

Vesna Kuzmanovic

Chief Executive Officer

Vesna, CEO of IMPALA, is a problem solver and an expert in market research and innovation management with over 15 years of international experience. Vesna also acted as the Managing Director of the international GfK Group and is a serial entrepreneur.

Her main drive throughout her varied career has always been to develop new innovative solutions by looking at a problem from various angles. An approach she also implemented with IMPALA. “The true value of great tools is an interdisciplinary approach – the point where technology meets psychology – or in the case of IMPALA: consumer behavior.”

Tamara Dimitrova


Tamara is the lead of R&D in IMPALA and an experienced team leader in the field of bioinformatic sciences (which most of our innovative solutions are based on). Tamara’s contribution to IMPALA covers several areas: based on her expertise she is responsible for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) at IMPALA as well as the whole architecture of the platform.

Thanks to her experience in the field of social entrepreneurship and education, Tamara also contributes to defining the vision of IMPALA in a responsible way.

Ognen Spasovski


Ognen, DEO at IMPALA, is an expert an consultant for Adult Education as well as an associate professor for evolution psychology. As such he is engaged with questions such as: What are the reasons for specific human and consumer behavior? Is it provoked only be external stimuli or is it genetically preordered? What has the human species developed throughout evolution? And what patterns have we developed in order to survive?

At IMPALA, Ognen supports us with his know-how and learnings from over 15 years to interpret repsondents’ data and outcome, and to advance our consultancy services for you.

Igor Delov

UX Designer

We understand IMPALA platform not just as a service you can buy, but as an ongoing process which is regularly advanced based on your feedback.

That’s where Igor comes in. Igor is an experienced designer with successful projects all over Europe and responsible for product development.

If you are already a user and want to share your feedback, please contact us here.

Ljupco Kocarev

VP of R&D

Ljupco acts as VP of R&D at IMPALA. He is an experienced research scientist as well as a professor at the ICT Faculty. Ljupco has donated his impressiv career to the research of Computer Science and Engineering as well as Information Technologies. He gained a lot of experiences in Europe as well as in US where he worked at the universities of Berkeley and San Diego in California.

At IMPALA he supports us with his great experience in ICT and in Research and Development.

Dragan Nakevski


Dragan is the acting CTO and responsible for driving the technological advancements of IMPALA.
Based on his strong experience in building, designing and architecting information systems he is dedicated in moving IMPALA in continuous improvement and keeping it up to date with the latest technological trends and customers’ needs.