It's time to understand your customer's behavior as never before

Impala is the first neuromarketing DIY platform that enables you to gain a deep understanding of human behavior. It provides you with out of the box data to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Why Impala?

Digital media and digital marketing are moving faster than ever. It’s not only impossible to keep track of all trends – it’s even more challenging to understand what trends are matching your target customer.

The most reliable approach, nowadays, is to understand your target audience. Better than you ever have before. And better than they could ever understand themselves.

That’s where neuromarketing comes in. Being one of the top trends itself (for good reasons!) neuromarketing focuses on the in-depth human behavior by using the latest implicit measurement techniques.

Those highly advanced technologies enable you to define the drivers of behavior – beyond the conscious behavior of your customers. So far, and because of its complexity, neuromarketing analysis was mainly managed by experts that would provide you with selected results.


How Impala Works?

Rather than relying on a neuromarketing expert, you can now analyze high quality in-depth know-how in your own speed and whenever you want. IMPALA platform provides you with a unique combination of new implicit techniques which easily define drivers for behavior.

All this data is then immediately analyzed with advanced statistics and presented to you in user-friendly and easy-to-ready formats

How you Benefit?

Flexible access 24/7

IMPALA is designed for you to use the platform at any time at any speed that you feel comfortable with. No pre-knowledge is needed. However, if you have any questions our team is available for questions of any kind.

Advanced out-of-the-box data

The latest implicit techniques used will provide you with data you had no access to before. We made sure that the complex data is presented to you in a simple and easy-to-read way (see gallery above).

React faster than ever

Impala provides insights for fast decisions, as your results can be delivered immediately after the needed data has been collected.

Act and grow globally

Different cultures are not a barrier for IMPALA as implicit metrics are culture free. You can conduct different projects for different markets simultaneously, all around the globe. IMPALA guarantees no confusion in data interpretation and implementation.

Fair price packages based on tools

At IMPALA price packages are based on tools, not on response rates. It’s important for IMPALA that no matter if you’re an individual, a cooperate, a startup or a university, you can conduct global studies for fair and affordable prices.


Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking is a technology that allows you to understand what a person is really looking at while watching advertising, viewing design layouts, browsing a website, etc. It is the most objective method to...

Emotional recognition through face

Emotional Recognition through face Emotions define how we feel about certain things, facial expressions are the most obvious way to show those feelings. However, identifying human emotions in digitalization has always been a challenge...

IAT - Test of Implicit Associations

Your customers or/and target groups have only limited access to their own thoughts and preferences. Also, traditional research methods are limited in developing deeper insights. As a result, market researchers across the globe embrace...

Virtual Shopping

Most of the decisions for purchase are made in front of shelves. By exposing respondents to shelves you create an almost identical situation to a real shopping experience and as result receive crucial information...

Traditional Market Research tools

Implicit research techniques are highly advanced in detecting behavior, from a human and consumer perspective. However, they have no capacity to discover the reasons behind such as…
We from IMPALA strongly believe that those reasons...

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